Historical Timeline

1873 Presque Isle Lighthouse was put into service July 12, 1873.
1873 The 4th order Fresnel Lens as installed in the tower.
1894 "Tight Board Fence" was installed around the lighthouse.
1896 Additional 17 feet was added to Presque Isle Lighthouse tower.
1898 Oil House was constructed near the lighthouse to store the fuel, kerosene.
1899 Tower bricks were painted white to serve as a "daymark" for travelers on the lake.
1921 Presque Isle was established as a State Park in Pennsylvania.
1924 Electricity was brought to the lighthouse.
1925 The "old plank walk" from the lighthouse to the boathouse was replaced with concrete. It is called the "sidewalk trail" and it is open to the public.
1927 The road was extended to the lighthouse on the lakeside.
1948 The road had to be rebuilt on the south side because the original road was destroyed by the waters of Lake Erie.
1949 The light in the tower was fully automated and is still maintained and inspected by the US Coast Guard.
1962 Fourth order Fresnel lens was removed from the lighthouse tower. Location is unknown.
1983 The Presque Isle Lighthouse was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.
1989 Fifty-five rubble mound break waters were installed along the shoreline of the peninsula.
1998 The Lighthouse was deeded to the Department Conservation and Natural Resources.
2014 Historic Year. The Presque Isle Light Station transitioned from a residence for park employees to a public building open to visitors. It was leased to a non-profit organization to restore to the early 1900's.
2017 Changes to the grounds were completed with the instillation of sidewalks, flag pole, tight board fence and outdoor lighting around the lighthouse.
2018 The Welcome Center was completed and includes the unique Gift shop and offices.
2019 The Lighthouse brick exterior was repointed and the Lake Room was removed.