Lighthouse Preservation

Our Preservation Goals

Our goal is to complete several major projects in the next three to five years at an estimated cost of $1.5 to $2 million plus dollars. This project is undertaken by members of Presque Isle Light Station in cooperation with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Historical Preservation Organization, and the National Park Service.

Proposed Restoration and Reconstruction Projects

Presque Isle Light Station Projects to be Completed

  • Replace the roof on the lighthouse and repair the chimneys.
  • Install benches, plant trees and complete landscaping on lighthouse grounds.
  • Replace the cement on the front porch.
  • Reconstruct the cement platform for the hand-water pump on the south side of the lighthouse. Install the pump with an educational plaque.
  • Restore the inside and repaint the outside of the Oil House.
  • Construct the wooden boxes with the kerosene cans to display inside the oil house.
  • Install educational plaques/markers on the grounds.
  • Complete the Master Plan to include the Strategic Plan, Business Plan and the Interpretation Plan.
  • Restore the lighthouse to a “period of significance” on the inside of the lighthouse.
  • Complete an archaeological dig at the washhouse/privy and barn site.
  • Reconstruct the washhouse/privy and the barn.

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Projects to be Completed at the Lighthouse

  • Redo the kiosk area with a different purpose.
  • Repair the Sidewalk Trail.
  • Expand and improve the parking for visitors on the road or provide a lot.
  • Landscape the area around the new restroom.
  • Maintain the ground area from the road to the lighthouse fence.
  • Install permanent lighthouse signs on the park directing visitors to the lighthouse.

Completed Projects

Presque Isle Light Station Projects Completed

  • Installed a ramp on the west side of the lighthouse to comply with ADA regulations. (2019)
  • Removed the Lake Room in order to install a ramp. (2019)
  • Repointed the exterior bricks of the entire lighthouse and tower. (2019)
  • Stained both sides of the tight board fence white that surrounds the lighthouse. (2018)
  • Installed a historical marker for the lighthouse near the front door. (2018)
  • Completed the maintenance of the walls and steps inside the tower. (2018)
  • Installed bike racks on the lighthouse grounds. (2018)
  • Reconstructed the old garage into the new Welcome Center with the addition of the unique Gift Shop and offices. (2018)
  • Installed the flag pole, tight board fence, sidewalks, sprinkler system, outdoor lighting and the planted the new lawn. (2017)
  • Completed an archaeological dig on lighthouse grounds. (2016)
  • Removed the chain link fence and several large trees. (2015-16)
  • Repaired the inside of the lantern and the tower windows. (2015)
  • Improved the safety of gallery rail at the top of the tower. (2014)

       Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Projects Completed

      • Installed a public restroom near the Welcome Center. ( DCNR 2016)
      • Installed new sidewalk from the kiosk to the Welcome Center. (DCNR 2016)
      • Updated all of the utilities for the lighthouse. ( DCNR 2015)
      • Removed several large trees around the lighthouse. (DCNR 2015- 16-17)