Lighthouse Safety

Stairs Climb

Rules for Climbing the Lighthouse

  • Children less than 44 inches tall are not permitted to climb the lighthouse tower for safety reasons.
  • Carrying a small child is not permitted.
  • Only 10 people are permitted to climb the tower staircase at one time.
  • The next group of 10 will not be allowed on the stairs until the previous group has exited the tower.
  • Visitors may only carry a camera to the top of the tower.
  • No water bottles, large purses/packs that do not leave your hands free.
  • Please lock your backpacks and/or purses in your car if possible.
  • Shoes are required. Secure sandals with straps are suggested. Sturdy shoes with backs are recommended.

Safety Tips

Tip 1: Watch your step!

Use caution, especially while climbing the tower stairs. Never walk backward, except for the top section at the tower which is ladder-like. The view is amazing looking downward to the ground level, please use the landings between ladder levels to enjoy the scenery.

Tip 2: Step carefully!

Due to the humidity during the summer season, many surfaces can become wet and slippery. Please wear proper shoes. Take your time ascending and descending the staircase. Use the landings to rest, hydrate, and get your bearings if needed.

Tip 3: Know your limitations!

There are 78 steps from the floor of the tower to the top. The stairway ends with narrow curving ladder-like steps leading onto the top platform. If you have any health conditions that might impact your ability to climb, please don’t try it. If you do climb, take your time, use the handrail, and stop at the landings to rest. Drink plenty of liquids before, and after, you climb, so that you do not get overheated or light-headed.

Tip 4: Travel light!

Don’t carry anything to the top of the tower, except your camera/phone. You’ll want to take a picture of the beautiful view with you in it!

Tip 5: DO NOT throw objects from the top platform!

Even small objects thrown from the top of the tower can cause damage to people and property on the ground. SAFETY FIRST.

Tip 6: Don’t leave children unattended!

An adult should be with a child at all times, especially if they climb the Light Station tower. Don’t leave children in your car , with other visitors, or staff at the site. Pets should be on a leash and any waste removed by the owner.

Tip 7: High winds, thunder, and lightning can be dangerous!

The tower will close during thunder and lightning storms and high winds.

Tip 8: Watch for stinging insects!

Tip 9: Stay off of the sand dunes!

The Sidewalk Trail is monitored and well-manicured. Please walk on the trail, not the sand dune. Be aware that poison ivy can be in the scrubby areas. Ticks are also on the Park, so be sure to check yourself and pets for any infestation. If a tick is found, save for inspection by a medical provider if you should display the “bullseye” mark at the bite site.