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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Lighthouse stories transcend any one location or structure. As goods, people, and ideas traveled by ship, lighthouses were integral to the sharing of knowledge and the blending of cultures.

At The Presque Isle Light Station, we recognize the legacy of lighthouses as beacons of hope, safety, and welcome for all and we strive to infuse these ideals into the foundations of the organization.


We strive to create a culture of respect and inclusion where every voice is heard, diverse viewpoints are valued, and mindfulness of social diversity and equity is prioritized.


We embrace diversity in all its cultural expressions, commit to expanding representation within our board, staff, volunteers and visitors of all of our varied identities, and work to create public programming that reflects a broad social and cultural perspective.


We champion tolerance, social understanding, and parity in access and opportunity for all.


We work to provide meaningful access for all by intentionally removing barriers and developing creative and equitable opportunities for engagement with our programs, facilities, and resources.


We seek to protect the natural and cultural resources under our stewardship through the adoption of conservation and sustainability practices and policies to ensure access and enjoyment for future generations.

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